The Giant Spider Invasion

The Giant Spider Invasion

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The Giant Spider Invasion - The Musical!

Bill Rebane presents The Giant Spider Invasion: The Musical

A Musical Comedy for the Stage and Screen!

First, an introduction and history: The Giant Spider Invasion was produced in 1975 at a budget of $300,000 and became one of the fifty top grossing films of that year, amassing over 24 million dollars… a phenomenon Johnny Carson thought impressive enough to mention on his late-night program.

The absence of a shooting script and the lack of a special effects budget opened the film to a variety of critiques once it premiered in Dallas and other major cities. Stephen King summed it up well in his book Danse Macabre: "In spite of the title, there is only one giant spider, but we don't feel cheated because it's a dilly. It is impossible to see such a budget conscious special effect without feeling a wave of admiration."

Over the following decades and into the 21st century, because of its campy approach, inventive giant spider and an all-star cast, the film captured more than enough fans worldwide to become a cult classic today. In the business they call "show business", it matters not if the critiques are good, bad or indifferent. What matters is whether or not a movie has "legs", so to speak, and "sells tickets". And that it did. However success is measured, even conservative estimates put the gross over its unequaled shelf life of thirty five years at over 200 million dollars, and demand for the film makes it the most pirated film of its time in the digital medium.

So, what does one do with The Giant Spider Invasion today?

As Mel Brooks would say… "MAKE A MUSICAL!"

This then sets the stage — in the true sense of the word — for some levity on stage and screen with an off-the-wall MUSICAL COMEDY that lovingly reflects on the entire enchilada of The Giant Spider Invasion production.


…musical selections that compliment the Spiderette Chorus Line — who perform to a rousing tarantula tarantella — including "You Don't Know Rice Crispies from Rabbit Turds", "What Script? No Script!", "Scientists in Love", and "I Am in Bad Monster Movie"!


…the giant spider himself and his signature song "I Know I Am Volkswagen Spider" and movie distributor Abe Schmuck (Mr. Big) who knows that, in Hollywood, "Size Matters"!


…to be entertained from Broadway to the theater stage in Bumfluck, Iowa (wherever that is) to the Big Theater Screen and into the digital medium.


…the politically incorrect presentation of the multimedia musical…


It's got the punch… the legs… the broads… the charms… and the Magic that spell…


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