The Giant Spider Invasion

The Giant Spider Invasion

This is the official DVD release of the film! Accept no substitutions… or knock-offs!

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Special 2-Disc Edition SOLD OUT - Single Disc Edition STILL AVAILABLE

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Bill Rebane is… an entrepreneur, producer, director, writer, consultant, journalist ,commentator, and former Reform Party Candidate for Governor of Wisconsin.

With a keen interest in world and national affairs he has become a political activist for common sense politics and reform with the thought of running for Wisconsin’s U.S. Senate seat in 2012.

His concerns and interests follow the lines of millions of concerned Americans regardless of political affiliations and leanings. His emphasis is on Education, foreign relations and Washington’s corruptible practices.

As former trade repersentative for the Republic of Estonia, international business negotiator and traveler, he has seen the world from many diverse sides. His escape from communist conquered countries into the ending hell of Hitler's Germany have made him a staunch proponent of freedom and a constitutionalist.

“ Mad as hell and ready to serve”

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Independent Artist Pictures presents Dum, Dum and Dummer - In post-production The Giant Spider Invasion - The Musical

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BREAKING NEWS: The Giant Spider Invasion is coming back to life… as a musical! More

Some production stills from The Giant Spider Invasion are now online!

BREAKING NEWS: Art pieces by Bill Rebane can now be seen in the Gallery!

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